Planning a CT Suite involves more than the vendor drawings

The first thing the design team wants to know is the manufacturer and model of the CT scanner, followed by access to the manufacturer’s typical drawings or site planning guide. The design team typically starts the design process focused on the requirements of the CT scanner – size, positioning, utility requirements, shielding etc. – and rightfully so, as these represent significant design impact. Getting a manufacturer/model decision may be difficult early in design, so sometimes the “worst case” footprint for the systems being considered is used as a basis of design.

But what about operational issues and support equipment? In the day-to-day work flow of the suite, they also play a key role in making the space functional, and deserve consideration, too – and are not included in the manufacturer’s planning guide or site-specific drawings.

The number of procedures per day, the types of procedures, the types of patients (ambulatory, emergency, inpatient, trauma), the type of hospital (pediatric, trauma center, teaching) are factors that can impact design in terms of clearances, pathways, equipment placement and size of the control room. For example, in a teaching facility or pediatric hospital, there could be as many as 6-8 clinician observers in the control room on a regular basis.

Will the medications dispenser be stationed in the CT suite? If so, then how many, what type and where will they be located? Where will contrast media be stored and prepared? Will the control room console provided by the manufacturer be sufficient or will additional counter space be required in the control room for other IT systems, such as the HIS and RIS computer, a 3D workstation, and point of care analyzer. Where will crash carts be positioned? If two procedure rooms share a control room, does the crash cart go in the control room, or in each procedure room?

These are just a few aspects to consider when planning a CT suite. Whether it’s a single department renovation or a million square foot medical center, GBA has the experience to ensure your project is successful. Give us a call to discuss.

Terry Esquibell, BS
Vice President, GBA
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