GBA uses technology for virtual cross country scavenger hunt

On Friday, June 20, the GBA offices in Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, and California teamed up over a long lunch for a cookout and scavenger hunt.

VP and Grill Master Bill Hinton prepared hamburgers and hot dogs for the associates in the Franklin office, while VP Terry Esquibell brought out the BBQ in the Dallas office.

Afterwards, all of GBA’s offices were united via web conference and FaceTime to participate in a virtual cross-country scavenger hunt conceived by COO Ted Hood. The staff were divided into six teams, and each team included associates from HQ, Dallas, and telecommuter offices, connected by using FaceTime on their iPhones. Tasks included answering questions related to GBA’s project work, searching for specific artifacts in local and remote locations, creating contraptions out of everyday objects, and displaying artistic talents.

When the points were tallied, the team led by Project Assistant Kristin Taylor won the scavenger hunt, earning themselves triumphant (and very small) trophies, Starbucks gift cards, and the honor to wear Thor’s Helmet of Discovery.

The team led by BIM Specialist Robert Vogt came in second after winning a hard fought tie-breaker with the team led by Project Manager Bill Miles, earning themselves Trumpets of Retribution, AKA kazoos.

Although we conduct weekly team meetings and educational sessions that include staff in other states, this event helped us use technology that fostered teamwork and comradery in a fun and exciting way.